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AccountStudio is an online accounting software, with abundant opportunities that has been used to organize the accounting of nearly 1,500 companies.

AccountStudio business software has been designed from accountants to accountants. Since we offer more than 20 years of accounting services using our own software, we know what’s needed to get the job done as quickly and easily as possible and to ensure that key processes are automated. 

Our core customer base includes e-commerce, small-scale industry and assembling. Because the application software can be gradually extended, there are no obstacles for complying with the requirements of large enterprises. We can handle any client.

The pricing of our business software is flexible – you can choose between fixed monthly fee or billing based on the number of users.

AccountStudio is suitable for:
  • accountant
  • starting entrepreneur
  • company manager
  • accounting bureau
  • lenders

AccountStudio software (ERP) is developed so that all details would fit perfectly, forming a stable whole. Because our software comprises special modules, it can be adapted to clients of different size and with different needs.

The biggest advantage of AccountStudio in comparison to other programs is the abundance of various opportunities that significantly accelerate and simplify with accountant’s job.

  • All modules (warehouse and invoices, wages and staff, cash register, E-data exchange (EDI), XBRL reports, online store module, additional modules: loans, fixed assets, etc.) can be used both separately and together, depending on the needs of the company.
  • Comprehensive financial software that is easy to adapt to different requirements and areas of activity for both small-scale companies and large enterprises.
  • Logical structure, easy and simple to use.
  • Saving the source document (file) to the accounting program.
  • MinuKonto is a free solution for sending e-invoice.
  • The majority of operations are automated at the expense of recurring activities, which means less routine and faster work.
  • The program has been developed so smartly that the possibility of errors has been taken to the minimum. But if some human error does slip it, it’s easy to find.
  • The program enables employees to share different work segments both within one company and also in a situation where part of the work is carried out at a client company and part at an accounting bureau.
  • Enables submitting the annual report in 27 minutes!
AccountStudio software modules:
  • Financial and accounting software – ledger and logbook, balance sheets and income statements.
  • Warehouse accounting and invoice module – purchase and sale of goods and services, warehouse accounting, cash documents and cash accounting.
  • Wage and personnel accounting – staff identity cards, wages and holidays, working hours and overtime work, labour taxes.
  • Fixed assets – keeping records of the company’s fixed assets – useful in case of small number, unavoidable large number of fixed assets.
  • XBRL reports module – submitting e-invoices.
  • Cash register – receipt printer, A4 printer, barcode support, ongoing work without network connection.
  • Online store module – comprehensive online store or B2B order centre solution.
  • Telema EDI moodule -  electronic document exchange (delivery notes, invoices, orders, receipts and return notifications).

In addition to customer support and accounting advice.

The business software is continuously developing and up to date regarding the requirements. Because the software can be used in our server, there is no need to purchase a server, worry about back-up copies or handle hardware maintenance.

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