Possibilities of AccountStudio business software

AccountStudio will always be there to help you. AccountStudio software is updated every day and offers software solutions to customers of different sizes and needs.

AccountStudio is a software application where all the details and modules fit together perfectly. This makes it possible to adjust the software as necessary and build solutions for various business processes, where all the data will end up in the same accounting records. Take a look at the possibilities we offer!

It may happen that we haven’t been able to add a function to this list even though we actually offer it. So don’t hesitate to ask!

General properties of AccountStudio

  • Free customer support by telephone and e-mail
  • Free programme updates
  • Data held on a secure server
  • Overnight work with several financial years
  • Currency accounting across the programme
  • Export of reports to Excel or other spreadsheet software
  • Automatic updating of the programme
  • Data import from files to AccountStudio
  • Possibility to have several users simultaneously
  • Cash flow statement, direct method
  • XBRL reporting
  • Period locking
  • Central taxation
  • Central report descriptions
  • Central charts of accounts
  • Entry statistics
  • Analysis of related persons
  • Car table
  • Currency corrections
  • Standard journal entries
  • Deferrals
  • TSD xml with notes
  • VD xml
  • OSS xml
  • Telema EDI module
  • Barcode scanner


  • Financial accounting (ledger)
  • Sales and purchase invoices
  • Prepayment invoices
  • Bank, payment orders
  • Import of bank statements
  • Netting
  • Cash accounting (cash in hand)
  • Cost centres (contracts, projects, sites)
  • Fixed assets
  • Stock accounting
  • Offers
  • Sales orders
  • Free additional users with restricted rights
  • Additional users will full rights
  • Groups of customers, suppliers and articles
  • Sending mass sales invoices
  • Sending e-invoices
  • Receiving e-invoices
  • E-invoices to banks
  • Price lists and discounts
  • Interface with other software (API)
  • Import of sales and purchase invoices from external programmes
  • Saving the source document (file) to the accounting program

Detailed overview of functions

Financial accounting

  • comprehensive and easy-to-user ledger
  • reporting – balance sheet, income statement, cash flows
  • principal statements: balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement
  • all principal statements can also be prepared across cost centre (sites, ...)
  • tens of additional reports (purchases, sales, fixed assets, etc.)
  • (mass) import of e-invoices
  • VAT return (KMD) with note 1 and note 2
  • VAT return (KMD) can be reset if necessary
  • Income tax, social tax, mandatory funded pension and unemployment insurance premiums declaration (TSD) with notes – more possibilities
  • KD, INF, report on intra-Community supply (VD) and export to Tax and Customs Board (EMTA)
  • VD declaration with data
  • OSS declaration with data
  • unlimited number of users and flexible system of rights (reader and observer status, user with restricted rights, admin, etc.)

Fixed asset accounting

  • automatic entries for principal activities
  • fixed asset register and registration
  • fixed asset accounting
  • fixed asset groups
  • freely describable depreciation methods
  • automatic sales and write-offs of fixed assets
  • fixed asset report
  • automatic calculation of depreciation

Sales invoices

  • setting the content and appearance of invoices
  • possibility to send invoices directly from AccountStudio to customers
  • creating a new invoice on the basis of an existing one
  • sale and purchase ledger
  • invoice PDF can be designed according to your needs
  • invoices can be directly e-mailed
  • interface with Omniva e-invoice centre
  • reference numbers at the level of customer, contract or invoice
  • preparation of balance notices
  • design of a document’s appearance as necessary
  • partly from invoice to the creation of an order or invoice with just a click of a button
  • register and archive of price quotes
  • sending directly to customer
  • customer and supplier register
  • customer-based settings, such as discount %
  • register of contact persons
  • multi-currency support for all transactions
  • extensive settings options
  • partially video instructions, user manuals and help texts
  • last actions, debs
  • settings for types of payouts
  • creating a new invoice on the basis of an existing one
  • bank import for receipts and payments


  • ISO XML bank import for all bank movements
  • import of ISO XML payments files
  • e-invoices (XML), mass export (PDF, XML)
  • reference numbers

Warehouse, production and sales

  • possibility to create several warehouses
  • warehouse documents and consignment notes
  • report on stock movements and current stock
  • production based on recipes
  • batch calculation
  • stock accounting by FIFO method
  • possibility to sell goods before they reach the company’s warehouse
  • write-offs and movements between warehouses
  • register of articles
  • reports on stock movements and stock balances
  • register and archive of price quotes
  • sending directly to customer
  • customer and supplier register
  • customer-based settings, such as discount %
  • register of contact persons
  • currency support for all transactions
  • extensive settings options
  • last actions, debs
  • display of balances of business partners (prepayments or debts) with reminders
  • unlimited number of users and flexible system of rights (reader and observer status, user with restricted rights, admin, etc.)
  • many forms of reminders, history is saved
  • many flexible letter forms, history is saved
  • (mass) import of e-invoices
  • Telema EDI module

Purchase invoices

  • importing of purchase invoices from e-invoices
  • importing of purchase invoices from Omniva e-invoice centre
  • AccountStudio reads the account statements of all Estonian banks
  • export of payment orders to bank
  • printout of cash orders in the case of cash payments

E-shop and ordering center

  • fully integrated with warehouse software
  • data of goods and customers moves automatically between the e-shop and the warehouse software
  • extensive possibilities for design and functional additions
  • all commonly used payment cards
  • bank links of Estonian banks
  • PayPal payment solution
  • Payment centre payment solution
  • possible special prices for loyal customers
  • connections to providers of logistics services
  • leasing calculator

Our ordering center is not an ordinary web store, but a (B2B) solution:

  • a business client can be represented more than one of his / her employees, each with their own username
  • one employee's order is also visible to others
  • an overview of past purchasing behavior
  • personal price lists for customers

Order Center data is in sync with AccountStudio's warehouse management environment. That way, the right and up-to-date information is always guaranteed.

Cash register of shop (POS System)

  • very fast and easy to use
  • integrated with the card payment terminals of all Estonians banks
  • receipt printer with paper
  • customer’s display or second screen
  • cash drawer management
  • issue of invoices to an ordinary (e.g. A4) printer
  • automatic data exchange with warehouse software
  • ability to work off-line
  • barcode scanner

Loan and leasing module

  • loan issue and accounting
  • connecting loans to various sources of incoming money
  • connecting loans to collateral
  • monitoring insurance of collateral
  • connecting collateral with mortgages and mortgagees
  • payment schedule calculation methods can be freely designed
  • payment notices
  • grace periods
  • many specific reports
  • handling of problematic debts and debtors
  • sending notices and notices subject to payment to borrowers
  • processing of loan applications and checklist

System of users

  • logging into the program with a password
  • free additional users with restricted rights (sales invoices)
  • possibility to have several users simultaneously
  • allocation of right to view and amend data

Wages and staff

  • identity cards
  • work time accounting
  • flexible wage accounting
  • deductions
  • generation of wage payment orders
  • pay slips
  • accounting for holiday pay
  • holiday reserve accounting
  • with integrated financial module
  • entries to financial module
  • holidays and absences
  • payroll
  • wage report (TSD) and export to EMTA
  • staff register
  • possibility to calculate wages “for everyone at once”

Telema EDI

E-Data Exchange (EDI) is a way to trust time-consuming and cumbersome actions on computers. Forget paper documents and PDFs. Telema makes the trade information between you and your business partners automatic. Orders, delivery notes, invoices and dozens of other documents - straight from one software to another.

Supported document types on the sales side:

  • Sales Order Import (Order)
  • Export of the delivery note (desadv)
  • Import receipt receipt (recadv)
  • Invoice Export (invoice)
  • Return Order (Return Order, Retann)
  • Sales credit note export (credit invoice)

More info HERE

Warehouse Scanner

A convenient and capable scanner solution with AccountStudio business software gives you a competitive edge and enables your company to provide better customer service, better reporting, and automate warehouse. Business Software AccountStudio, along with a well-integrated warehouse management module, enables your company to improve efficiency in the store.

The solution developed by Account Studio helps you in the following steps:

  • placing incoming goods at warehouse addresses
  • relocation of goods in stock
  • conducting inventories

More info HERE


An e-invoice, an XML document in the form of an XML document, which, according to the current Accounting Act, has been declared the primary accounting document. E-invoice moves from program to program.
You can send an invoice in PDF format, but it is not considered an e-invoice. E-invoices can also be sent by e-mail, although it is much more convenient to send them via operators who communicate with each other.

AccountStudio currently has interfaces: Omniva e-invoice center and Swedbank

In addition, we have created the MinuKonto software solution for free!
MinuKonto is an environment for billing to smaller companies. You can send invoices by e-mail and an e-invoice. AccountStudio is an e-invoice operator for smaller companies and other legal entities.

More info HERE


E-Reporting is a common electronic reporting format and environment in which you create and submit reports:

  • Enterprise Portal - Annual Report
  • Tax office - VAT declaration with its annexes, TSD with its annexes, VD with its annexes

The introduction of a uniform format helps to save costs and shortens the time required for systematisation and processing the data provided.

Debt management

  • reminders in the storage module
  • reminders in the leasing module

Credit controller workstation

  • consolidation of customers
  • debt reminder
  • seeing the size of the debt and the age of the debt
  • detailed history of recovery actions (maker, date of creation, free text)
  • Provide detailed planning for the operations
  • planning for someone else in advance

Data grouping

  • groups of articles (4)
  • groups of suppliers
  • groups of customers


The API application interface allows for communication between AccountStudio and other software for reading and writing data (e.g. web shops, cash register systems, various sales and customer management software, etc.). Similar to the AccountStudio software, the API is also constantly developing and new possibilities are added.

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