Is your business software ready for the smart future?

The comprehensive financial software of AccountStudio includes all the necessary functionalities and has no solutions that could be accused of not being contemporary. The program is constantly developing according to the requirements. For example, at the moment, the software can be used in smart devices (mobile phone, tablet) through a VPN, but very soon smart devices will have access to the full functionality.

The system is user-friendly an easy to acquire. All modules such as warehouse and invoices, wages and staff, cash register, XBLR in reporting, online store module and additional modules of loans and fixed assets can be used separately according to the needs of the company. The program has been developed so smartly that the possibility of errors has been taken to the minimum. AccountStudio enables employees to share different work segments both within one company and also in a situation where part of the work is carried out at a client company and part at an accounting bureau.