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The first stage of creating the accounting software AccountStudio is based foremost on the needs of accounting bureaus. The software is developed with consideration to the principle of unrestrictedness, which ensures perfect suitability for larger accounting bureaus as well.

The time that our accounting software has been available on the market, 20 years, has proven that we are capable of offering software experiences based on the needs of each client, technical support, training and, if necessary, professional advice and support!

AccountStudio enables submitting the annual report in 27 minutes.

It is true! It has to be possible to calculate the information required for the annual reports by the computer using accounting accounts, and because it doesn’t matter for the computer how many numbers it has to calculate, the task of the accountant is to describe the reports. In the majority of cases, the software hasn’t been implemented in advance in any way, and the accountant will have to take care of describing the reports. This, however, is fairly complicated, and such tasks are often “temporarily” set aside. Temporary things tend to become permanent, so there are still accountants today that consider preparing annual reports to be a time-consuming manual labour and entering hundreds of numbers from the printout on the new form.

AccountStudio uses an extensive (used daily) chart of accounts and reports described for it: balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements and notes belonging to the annual reports. Because implementation to this extent has, so to say, been done for the new customer (and it’s also already included in the price), the accountant will not have to spend any more time on it. If required, the accountant can also request report forms adapted to the accountant.

More detailed information on how an annual report can be submitted in 27 minutes!

AccountStudio software modules are like blocks - all the details fit perfectly together and form an integral whole:
  • Financial and accounting software – ledger and logbook, balance sheets and income statements.
  • Warehouse accounting and invoice module – purchase and sale of goods and services, warehouse accounting, cash documents and cash accounting.
  • Wage and personnel accounting – staff identity cards, wages and holidays, working hours and overtime work, labour taxes.
  • Fixed assets – keeping records of the company’s fixed assets – useful in case of small number, unavoidable large number of fixed assets.
  • XBRL reports module – submitting e-invoices.
  • Cash register – receipt printer, A4 printer, barcode support, ongoing work without network connection.
  • Online store module – comprehensive online store or B2B order centre solution.
  • Telema EDI moodule -  electronic document exchange (delivery notes, invoices, orders, receipts and return notifications).

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