Online store

Online store

E-commerce and business software from one place

How to make an online store? Before you start establishing an online store, you will be explained to how a strong online store should actually function. 

1. All sales transactions carried out in the online store also have to be reflected in the warehouse and the accounting by the end of the trading day.

Thanks to integrated modules, the AccountStudio business software enables monitoring transactions (purchases, sales) carried out in all channels, and all the information is immediately also suitable for reporting – for the accountant for the Tax and Customs Board, for the sales and marketing manager for making important decisions.

2. In order to successfully manage the online store, it is important to make the right choices at the right time – but for this, it is important for all the necessary information to be available on time.

The integration of the AccountStudio accounting software with the online store ensures thorough overview of the selling expenses of products and debtors, gives an idea of the effect of a discount on the sales cover. The program enables tying the accruals indicated on the bank statement with sales transactions, recording the transaction information on an ongoing basis – including sales revenue of goods and services, value added tax and debts.

3. The online store and accounting software have to, so to say, collaborate with one another.

By obtaining the online store and the accounting software from one place, you exclude the risk of not having the prices or inventory match already from the very start. If data flow is accurate and timely, this will not happen. Software that has been intended to operate together from the very start does so more reliably than any system combined using software of different manufacturers.

Advantages of the AccountStudio accounting software and online store

  • Online store traffic (orders, sales) is immediately reflected in the warehouse and the accounting.
  • Accurate overview of the movement of cash at all times – where is the money coming from, how many goods are available, who is in debt?
  • The recipient of goods and the payer may be different.
  • Payment options – bank links, card payments, Paypal
  • Different delivery methods – e.g. by post or ‘collect’
  • B2B users can choose a different person who prepares and who approves the order.
  • Correct tools for efficient launch and smooth operation of the online store
  • Thanks to the smooth integration of the online store and the accounting software, the information is always correct and the reports are available when required, which in turn ensures a more profitable management of the online store.
  • You can manage multiple online stores at one time from the same user account.
  • Multilingual environment.
  • Selection of different currencies.

A bit of technical talk

AccountStudio online store solution uses the WooCommerce platform. WooCommerce is the extremely user-friendly solution of the most popular website platform – WordPress – in the world. If you already have a website, it’s very likely built on the WordPress platform. This means that adding an online store based on WooCommerce is also easy and managing it resembles the management of a website on the WebPress platform.
However, WooCommerce is not the only available platform – if your online store (also existing) uses some other platform, we can integrate our software with it.

WooCommerce, however, is not the only platform available - if your online store (including the existing one) uses another platform, then the most complex solutions are not the problem for us! A member of the integration or integration team has more than 10 years of experience in programming stock, production and accounting software and creating various interfaces.

Better software = smoother accounting = more successful business!

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